Abbie is a sweet, 9-year-old girl who is looking for a place to land after a whirlwind of a life, and we only know part of her story. She came to rescue about 3 years ago and immediately required surgery to empty her gut of several things she had eaten that were not going to pass through on their own.  

After recovering from surgery, she required heartworm treatment and therefore spent quite some time in her foster home. She was adopted, and recently came to Bluegrass because her owner could no longer care for her.  

Prior to her return, Abbie had another surgery to remove a mammary tumor. The tumor was not biopsied; therefore, we do not know if it was cancerous.  

Abbie sleeps very well through the night but overall, acts like a much younger dog, and is ready to play whenever you are! She loves her walks, and frankly could use more leash training, but for her, there is nothing better than being outside with her person. She becomes very excited when she knows she is going outside! Sometimes it’s hard to put on shoes because she is *so close* you can’t see your shoes to tie them. Even in the back yard, she’ll dart out and run around and sniff, come back joyfully to see you, then run around and sniff some more!  

Abbie is a very needy girl who loves to be as close as possible to her person. She so appreciates every kindness you show. However, she understands when you ask her to go lie down. Although she would prefer to be in your lap, if you have a good bed for her, she will lie down there.  

Abbie loves people, especially children. However, she should not go to a home with smaller children due to the risk of knocking them down. She’s also very good with dog-savvy cats, though in her exuberance she may surprise them (“Play with me! Play with me! Poke, poke, poke”).  

Abbie’s former owner marked her down as “highly dog-aggressive” though she said when Abbie confronts another dog, there has never been a fight. Abbie was with other dogs in her foster home the last time she was here, with no issues. Although we’ve not directly introduced her to other dogs this time around, her current foster mom has found her to be ‘tuned in’ to other dogs on their walks, and quick to respond if the other dog barks or growls first. However, Abbie is easy to manage with the command “on by” as you continue walking. If you are interested in Abbie and have another dog in your home, let us know, and we can talk about some of the things that may work for you when introducing Abbie.