Chachi is the Energizer Bunny in Doberman form!  He’s a very spry senior Dobergent, and the only thing that gives a hint of his age is the gray in his muzzle.  

He found himself homeless and when a southern shelter reached out to Bluegrass, we jumped at the chance to help this sweet guy.  Chachi is dog and cat friendly, plus works his charms on every human that he meets.    Because of his size, he will not be placed in a home with young children.  

He’s quickly mastered basic commands and will sit, wait for his dinner and even give you nose bumps.   As many Dobermans do, he’s got the all-powerful nose that will always be begging for attention.  

His favorite thing is just being next to you and has become a prize winning snuggler and top notch couch potato.  In his spare time, he also enjoys romping and playing chase.  Chachi has great recall and would be a wonderful hiking partner.  Plus, he’s always up for a car ride and whatever new adventures await him.  Is crate trained as well, but can be trusted to just lounge on the couch by himself.