Chance is a 2 year old black doberman, and based on what he looked like when we got him, it’s amazing he is such an easy guy. He’s been through a lot, and already looks so much better. Good groceries and a clean environment have been very good for him.

A small rescue was notified about Chance laying outside a general store. By the time they got to him he had moved to a field where they found him scared and so thin and full of sores they did not know if he was going to be able to make it.

They got Chance to the vet to get checked out. Knowing they did not have the proper resources and time (due to all the other dogs and cats in need in their area) they reached out to BDR for help.

Chance is working on housebreaking fully and crate training in his foster home. He is great with cats and people, and word is he is also good with dogs. He seems to just want to hang out with everyone, and will stand near you all day and let you scratch his neck. As easy as Chance has been so far, this guy is going to be a great dog.

No doubt due to his past, Chance will do anything for food and his foster home is working to get him to ‘sit’, especially before he dives into his food bowl. He’s at a ‘two-second-sit’ and will need to learn to be more patient, but for now a ‘two-second-sit’ is good. The boy has probably spent most of his life hungry and needs to know that he doesn’t have to worry about where his next meal will come from. Chance will also need to learn how to take treats more gently, and should not be fed or given treats at this time by young children.

Based on his social skills, Chance has probably lived much of his life in a crate. He’s had very little training. We’re all hoping he escaped from his captors, because they clearly did not treat him well. He’s learning very fast in his foster home, but his new family will need to continue slowly and repetitively show him the ropes. He just needs to learn how to ‘dog’.

He does frighten very easily, and when Chance is frightened, he drops to the ground. It is so hard to watch. He was completely flipped out by the hardwood and ceramic tile floors in his foster home, even after they were covered with rugs. Now, he has learned that he is ‘safe enough’ if his back feet are on the rugs, and that way he can lean in and reach the cat
food 😉

The first night it took half an hour to get Chance up the stairs to his bed, so that feat was new to him, also. But he did it, and he slept very soundly on his bed all night long. He’s been sleeping and eating very well since then. Now he happily runs up and down the stairs and over the rugs. His newly-found confidence is adorable.

Chance does not like riding in the car, and he immediately drops to the ground when you ask him to get in. His foster home will be working with him on that. Loud noises are also scary, like the sound of the garage door. If Chance could have made a break for it the first time he heard that, he would have. He’s better about the garage door now, but not a fan.

There are a few small things to work on, but overall Chance’s new adopter will have a very nice dog.

All of our dogs are in foster homes and are available to meet by appointment only and only after an application has been completed.