Chance is about 4 years old and came into rescue very thin with multiple sores on him. Chance obviously lived a horrific life, most likely in an outdoor kennel. He had very little interaction with anything or anyone in the outside world. It is amazing that he is such a laid back guy, but too many people do stress him. He is OK with visitors & children but needs to live with only one person. Cats & dogs are fine and he lives with both in his foster home. He is perfect for a middle aged or older person that will give him his daily walk. Chance is medium energy, calm, takes most things in stride. He just doesn’t know a lot, which is typical for outside dogs living in a confined space with no mental or physical stimulation and no access to the world. He is NOT a “velcro” Dobie. If you are looking for a cuddler on the couch while you watch tv, he is not the one. He is happy just to be in the room on his dog bed.
Treat balls & learning to shake hands (most Dobies have both down in 2/3 days average) has been a challenge for him. However he is still working on it in his foster home. The upside to this for someone that would like a Doberman without all the high energy is that he is happy just hanging out chewing on an antler. You don’t have to come up with jobs to keep him from making his own entertainment.
Chance (like ALL dogs) does need a good daily walk/hike (job) for about 40 minutes and an afternoon/evening stroll 15 min. But that’s it. Off leash, in confined area, he likes to explore, but not much for running. He does walk well on a leash, waits for theĀ OK to eat and takes treats like gentleman. He hops right in the car and will wait for the OK to get out.
Chance will do best with a confident, patient person.

All of our dogs are in foster homes and are available to meet by appointment only and only after an application has been completed.