This fawn all natural beauty is Elsa, she is 2 years old.Elsa is a big girl that has no idea of her size or age, she still believes she is a tiny lap puppy.  This includes all the energy and manners of a puppy.
Elsa is house and crate trained and likes other dogs (at least male dogs, which is what we have had her around).  Very excited to meet a new dog so a slow introduction is best so her enthusiasm isn’t so off putting to another pooch.  Little too interested in the household kitty so it’s best she goes to a no cat home.  Elsa will also need a home with a physically fenced in yard.
Elsa is great with people once she knows you are safe and she loves children but will only be placed with a family that has children over the age of 8.  She will not be mean to smaller ones but with her having no idea of her size anyone too tiny will be knocked over accidently.  Her new “people sister” decided Elsa needed pink toes nail, so a manicure was on the days agenda!
Elsa is a wonderful dog but she definitely needs obedience training and a family that is willing to work with her so she can blossom into a well mannered adult dobie girl.