Jacy is a spry 11 year old dobie girl that loves all other dogs and cats.  She can be shy with people when she firsts meets you but quickly warms up and soon you will get the dobie butt wiggle.  House trained and no need for a crate, she is content sleeping on a big cushy dog bed or better yet on the couch next to you!Jacy can be particular about her food, what she likes to eat changes daily.  Sometimes a treat needs to sit for 12 to 24 hours before it’s ready to be eaten.  Her quirky behavior is just part of her charm.A quiet home for Jacy is going to be best.  Little children are going to be too much noise and energy for her, she deserves a quiet retirement.  But when it’s playtime in her mind she will play bow to you and have a grand time with her game.