Josh came to BDR with a very sad story but we know his happy ending is waiting for him! Josh was dumped out of a car and left behind, fortunately some good people saw this and went to his aid.  He was physically ok, just needed to add a few pounds. Since that is all we know about Josh’s past life, we have started from scratch and Josh has a chance to begin a fresh new life.
Josh is estimated to be around 2 to 3 years old but acts all puppy.  Sweet boy but very energetic so he will need a family that is as active as he is.  Families with young children will not be considered for Josh.  He needs too much attention right now and not be distracted with little ones running around.
Josh has been around other dogs and gets very vocal sounding like he is being mean but it is a matter of Josh needing to be socialized with other dogs.  He WILL NOT be a candidate for a dog park or doggy day care.  Josh has seen kitties too and not shown any aggression but again they can be another distraction Josh does not need right now.
Josh is crate trained but still working on house training.  You need to treat him like a tiny pup, either in his crate or have your eyes on him at all times.  This is something he will pick up on quickly.
Josh will need a Doberman or larger working breed dog experienced person.  He will also need a home with a physically fenced in yard only.  Invisible fence or no fence yard will not be considered.
Josh loves his people and wants to please so someone that can take the time to do obedience training is a must for his success.  There is a beautiful soul in this boy and he needs the right environment to blossom.