Kelly went to a new foster and she gave us an updated bio about what a great dog she is: Kelly (aptly named) is a 4 leaf clover in the world of Rescue. If you are looking for a Dobermann, she fits the Standard to a T.  Intelligent, beautiful, full of energy, curiosity and double Velcro, just looking for a best friend & a job. She is a year old (Jan) with overflowing potential. She enjoys playing with other dogs is fascinated and respectful of cats, loves hiking in the woods and is sure to escort you to every room in the house. Kelly is a destroyer of stuffed toys so Kong type are best, loves to play fetch, indoors or out and would make a wonderful Competition Obedience dog if one was so inclined. She is not a backyard dog, she needs the work & adventure of the outside world. The ideal person for Kelly is someone who likes the outdoors & a best friend to do it with. She definitely needs a basic obedience class and a person that will put in the time to help this girl blossom into the awesome dog she can be. They will never regret it.

All of our dogs are in foster homes and are available to meet by appointment only and only after an application has been completed.