Some of you may recognize Luna, she was one of our puppies we had last fall (born September 23, 2018).  She was Minnie when she was with us but her family named her Luna and it seems to fit her well!

Luna's Mom, Carly, is all dobie but you might question that since she looks nothing like a Doberman.  Never fear, she may have her Dad's looks (whoever he was) but she has her Mom's dobie temperament--smart as a whip and loves her people.

Luna lacks confidence so we are helping her build that up.

Luna is great with all other dogs and even is mostly respectful of kitties.  Cats can be fun to bark at even if they don't think it is funny.

Luna is crate trained and 99% housebroke.  A puppy girl can get a little excited some times and can't help if she leaves a little happy puddle behind.

Luna has a lot of growing to do and will need a family willing to work with her training and continue with her confidence building.