Piper is a 4 year old dark blue girl who came to us from a shelter with VERY itchy skin. We have been working on her skin issues and she is significantly better though still a work in progress (you can see the changes in her profile pictures). She was found to be low thyroid and will need an inexpensive medicine for this. Additionally she has recurrent skin infections, that she is on a vaccine for, as well as some food allergies. 

Piper can initially be shy with new dogs but warms up to other dogs if they are not overly excitable (she does not appreciate an “in your face” type of dog). She loves to play with her foster sister and run around the yard. She has been fine with a wide range of people, including older children, after an initial couple minutes of warm up. She love, love, loves to put her head in your lap and have you pet her as well as a good hiney scratching. She does not get up on furniture and sleeps on her bed on the floor. She is house trained and crate trained. She’s a very sweet girl who needs an understanding home.