Who can resist those sweet red boy dobie eyes!!!Meet Roman, an adorable handsome fella that is around 2 years old.
Roman came to BDR via some very special people that came to Roman and his brother’s rescue.  The boys were purposely left abandoned in a neighborhood but fortunately the right people were close by.  They took the boys in and got them to a vet right away to care for them.Both very thin and more than likely had been living outside.
Roman loves all people he meets but can be timid at first.  Once he knows you are safe he is a typical dobie and wants to be right by your side.
Roman is good with other dogs but will be better suited to live with female dogs.  He can be a bit possessive of toys and bones so it’s best he has those separate from other dogs.  Did fine when he was introduced to cats.
Roman is crate trained and doing well with his house training.  As long as you give him plenty of potty breaks he is fine.
Very smart (as all Dobermans are), within a day of being in his foster home he has mastered sit and down.  With encouragement of treats of course but since he is still on the thin side a few extra calories are a good thing.
Roman has met a few children but has not lived with any that we are aware of.  A home with dog respectful children over the age of 8 years old will be best for him.
Roman will need a home with a physically fenced in yard.