Teresa (Resa for short) has earned the nickname Sugar because she is just so sweet. Her timid nature took a few days to warm up to her foster family, but now she’s one with the pack. She gets along well with other dogs, seems to be more intimidated the smaller they are! Teresa loves to run outside in open fields. She may do better in a home without younger children, loud noises make her anxious. She’s a GREAT sleeper, fully potty trained, true Velcro dog and decent recall in open spaces. She would make a great addition to a pack or would be a perfect cuddly buddy for someone who was home often. Teresa LOVES getting up first thing in the morning. She will do circles until breakfast is put down for her! 
She is 2 years old and VERY sweet and does well with all the other animals that she has encountered but she definitely has quite a bit of initial fear with men and people wearing hats, big jackets. She sounds mean, but she’s just afraid. Will fall asleep standing up pretty regularly if she’s being touched haha.