Tulip is a 2 yr old female natural ear Dobie loaded with potential, just waiting to find her Best Friend. She was adopted from BDR as a half grown pup then returned several months later due to financial hardship.
She is the typical Velcro Doberman, loves to snuggle, escort you to the bathroom and if there is no room for her in your chair, she will stand with her head in your lap. Her “sit” is impeccable, she sits for leash without asking for those in Urban areas, excellent off leash in the country. A whistle or a song brings her back. Has “Down” pat and is great at Wait (stay). She is a friend to cats, respectful of livestock and is good with other dogs. Loves to ride in the car.
Tulip is extremely smart and needs a no nonsense, assertive leader for her owner to keep her the well balanced, confident dog she has become.
As with all young Dobermans’, she needs 2 good walks(bike, hike or blade) a day and a place she can be off leash to run & stretch those long legs.
A Basic Obedience Class would do wonders for Tulip & also enforce the bond that all well balanced Dobermans’ need with their human.