Wally is a senior boy of unknown age or history. But do not swipe him away just yet. Wally is a
very affectionate boy who wants nothing more than to be lazy beside you and help you pet your stress
away! Do you have a ball? If so then Wally has some energy he has been storing away for just such an
activity. He loves to chase the ball or play tug-o-war. If you need a moment without him, though I can’t
imagine why you would, then just give him a bone to chew on and he is occupied for the next hour. This
boy can melt you and your family’s hearts and will gladly live out his years as your devoted companion.
Wally has no current medical concerns. You will need to monitor his food intake as he is highly
food motivated and will eat himself sick if you allow. He is also on a constant dosage of arthritis
medication and joint supplements. He is a senior boy after all. Despite his age, we believe he is around
10 years of age, he has no mobility issues and has sustainable periods of active play. He is house broken
even though he was found as a stray. To date he has had no accidents and has been given a room to
occupy during daytime hours. He does enjoy lounging in a recliner but is also happy to lay down on a rug
and relax.
Wally can be very stubborn, like most Dobermans, and would thrive best with a human
companion who is familiar with the breed and can provide a strongly structured relationship. Wally does
well with other dogs of his size and is not confrontational. He will, however, stand up for himself if he is
confronted by another dog. This is not surprising considering he was a stray and for a period of nearly a
year while under the care of a former family kept outside. He is quick to take to training if you work with
him, and have some treats. It will not take much to acclimate him to your routine and lifestyle.
This boy is a diamond in the rough, if you will, and deserves his chance to live out his years in
comfort and security. He is available today so fill out your application and discover what joy having a
senior red boy is all about! (Just start working on your butt scratching technique as he will gladly let you do so for hours on end.)