Watts is an adorable red Doberman that has had a difficult life before finding his way to rescue. He was removed from a home by law enforcement emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks, and missing a lot of hair.  He was rushed to the emergency vet weighing only 53 lbs.  Despite his rough past, he is blossoming in his foster home.

In just a few short weeks, he is over 60lbs and is still needing to gain a few pounds and fill out a little more.  He is finishing up on his treatment for Mycoplasma (from the ticks).  He is also getting twice weekly baths to help with his skin issues.  His hair is growing back and he is looking good.  Next step is for him to be neutered so that he can find his way to a permanent home. 

Watts is estimated to be between three and five years old and is super sweet.  He is the typical curious Velcro Doberman and enjoys resting on the couch, eating, playing, being brushed, going for walks, and eating.  He currently lives with another Doberman and is a gentleman with her. 

He is house and crate trained and it is recommended that you use a crate.  Being previously starved, he cannot be trusted with food on counters or tables.  He is working on his manners and while his fosters are cooking or eating, he is often crated to avoid any misunderstandings about whose food is sitting out and is not allowed in the kitchen.  Despite his love of food, he will nicely take food/treats from your hand. 

He has a good recall and knows how to sit and loves to ride in the car.  We are working on down and walking on a leash.  A positive/force free training is needed as he will shut down otherwise and withdrawal.  He can get frightened by loud noises.  A structured obedience class is recommended.  He is super smart and never jumps on people.  He is a good watch dog and will bark to let you know if something is up.